Experiencing Incredible Demand 

Not Currently Accepting New Clients.

Moderno Brand Consultants, LLC is a Black-owned branding, communications and nonprofit capacity building company.  As a matter of practice, we partner with our clients to significiantly enhance and maintain their brands, through the careful design and execution of comprehensive, cross-platform marketing communications strategies.  

Our premise: maintaining organizational relevance and positive community impact require everyday effort.

Our Services:  Granwriting, planning and reporting; Graphic Design for Web and Print; Social Media Management; Website Design and Management; Nonprofit Consulting, including Gala and community event planning.

We have have reached maximum client capacity and cannot accept new clients. 

Existing clients, please reachout to your Brand Manager for support.

All the Best,
Amir Noir Soulkin, M.A.,
President & Executive Brand Manager

Please direct all inquiries to manager@modernobrand.com.

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